Startups and companies that we've been involved in or have started ourselves.


Salsite is a Done-For-You website and landing page service that is specifically tailored to contractors. We know that contractors are always on the go and need a platform that can help them collect leads and manage their websites effectively. That’s why we created Salsite – to provide contractors with the powerful platform they need to succeed. At Sazón Studio, we’re proud to have been involved in starting Salsite.


Another company that we’re a part of is CVR. CVR is a worker’s compensation valuation tool that is perfect for injured workers, lawyers, and medical providers. By answering just a few questions, users can get an accurate breakdown of the value of each of the workers’ compensation benefits. We’re proud to be a part of this startup and to help make the process of workers’ compensation simpler and more transparent for everyone involved.


ProntoCarte is a contactless restaurant menu that uses a QR code to provide customers with an easy and safe way to browse menus and place orders. We were involved in the creation and development of ProntoCarte, which was eventually sold to a larger company. This is just one example of how our dedication to entrepreneurship and innovation has led to success.

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